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Corporate Identity


Corporate identity is your company name, tagline, and logo that define your company’s image.

These are some samples from our studio..

B&W Ads

BW Ads

Ads still work -- in the right places.

In trade magazines to reach wholesalers. In online Yellow Pages to promote your product or professional services. In local papers to advertise a sale, a special offer to local consumers or to encourage voting.



People, places, and events. Great shots make a great impression.

We also offer high end color correction and retouching.



An effective way to sell a product, announce a new hire, product or event. A good way to keep your name in front of prospective and current clients.

More carefully read and remembered than email.



An informational brochure can establish your creditability/make yourself and expert in an area – and when in the hands of potential clients, become an effective marketing tool for you and your company.

Fundraising Brochure


All non-profit agencys and organizations need to raise money. This brochure was the 2010 annual appeal.



We design, layout and produce both print and electronic newsletters.


interactive maps

Maps are tools to convey information about and location of events. In this case, wth only two colors.

Small Publications

small pubs

For non-profits, a small booklet can be an excellent way to thank donors and explain/publicize a capital fund-raising campaign.

For national product company, a small booklet with local photography aimed at a specific market (such as bed & breakfasts) can be an effective sales promotion.

Slide Presentations


A persuasive slideshow can sell your products at trade shows or make the case when fund-raising in small groups.



An arty, memorable way to promote an event or highlight a campaign.